Special Features

The Address


The ‘S Life of Pashmina Serene offers the most envious location in the heart of the bustling city of Mumbai. Hindu Colony has been and is one of the most desired residential locations of the city. With a high standard neighborhood combined with the vicinity of Five Gardens just adds on to the prestige of living.

Proximity to stations, markets, educational institutions, restaurants, temples, clubs, highway and much more complete the package.

Automated Tower Parking


Automated Tower Parking is the answer to a residential area with a very high average number of cars owned per family. The state of the art parking system with dedicated 8 storeys shall take care of the ever increasing density of cars and reduce roadside parking in turn widening the roads.

With a Swipe Card Access Controlled car park one just needs to place the car in the car lift and swipe. Rest is taken care off. The feature ensures safe and secure parking and efficient operation.