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Home Selection Criteria

2 bhk flatBuying a home is both a financial & an emotional transaction. And often, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. You will have made a long term financial commitment as well as have a long term emotional attachment. Besides of course having to factor in the everyday convenience that you will need to make your life easy, hassle-free and of course happy. Given all the factors – which can often be difficult to converge at a single point – home buying can end up being a long drawn process.

Thus, as you begin to look forward to buying a home, there are a few pointers we must carefully evaluate that can make the entire process easy and hassle-free.

Location: Families often look for a home either to place of their occupation; or a school for the children; or vicinity to other family member etc., before you choose your location identify the factor that has the maximum benefit for you and your family. If a location satisfies multiple factors that is even better, although this may be rare. Identify your need and then zero in on a location that meets this need.

Finance: As pointed out earlier, buying a house is a long term financial commitment. One should clearly evaluate the source of funds, the quantum of future expenses, and factor in some emergencies. The source of funds is important both for the one-time down payment as well as for the EMIs. It is advised to buy a house that makes financial viability and does not end-up being too much of a monthly burden.

Amenities around the project: In point #1 we discussed that the location of your home should satisfy your prime requirement – school, office etc., however, that along need not be the clinching factor. There are amenities which may not be individually so important but make your day-to-day life much more comfortable. For example proximity to hospitals, ATM, restaurants, recreational facilities, transport hubs etc.

Amenities within the project: Today’s projects offer us umpteen number of amenities such as swimming pools, club houses, lawns, play grounds, shopping complexes etc., evaluate for yourself if these amenities are really essential or just good-to-have.

Design & Aesthetics: Does the broad layout of the project appeal to your taste? Is the home design consistent with your aesthetics? Given that you will be living here, being able to appreciate the design & aesthetics can make your living more comfortable & happier.

Aside from these five points, there are various other criteria such as the credibility of the builder, legal status of the project (and the land), security that one must pay heed to! The home we buy will remain with us and become a part of our lives from the moment we step in – think though and make your decision!