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Features of an Ideal Home

Just as there are varying tastes for food and music, even for homes there are no objective guidelines to determine an ideal home for everyone. Each one has a taste and requirement that is unique and the ideal home is one that meets these factors. However, an ideal home is not just about being able to meet your expectations it ought to be within your affordability and give you a comfortable life post purchase. There is no point in buying a home with all the amenities without being able to afford it or having to face hardships after the purchase. Given that home-buying is often a long term investment, buyers must consider various factors before signing off the cheque.

Ideally, one should look for a home that is within the currently & projected income range. And expectations need to be scrutinised carefully. Most home loans are for a 15-20 year period and once a loan is taken it ought to be serviced methodically, any lapses could result in unnecessary and avoidable hassles. In this scenario, how should one evaluate and arrive at the features of an ideal home? Let’s analyse in the next few paragraphs
One of the key features of any home is it location. Your ideal home should be located in close quarters to your frequently visited locations – your workplace, school for children, banks/ATMs, hospital, supermarkets etc., an ideal home would fulfil at least some of these location specific criteria. Additionally, it could also be located in an area which provides easy access or transportation to the places mentioned earlier.

Secondly, an ideal home gives you the space that you need for a comfortable living. For the children to grow and for you to pursue your everyday habits and lifestyle with ease. Living in cramped surrounding often leaves you exasperated while too much of space leaves you with a feeling of loneliness. Ideal homes are both compact, spaces and allow you to breathe.

Third, important feature of any home is the amenities that it comes with! Real estate developers currently offer a wide range of amenities such as sports arenas, parks, swimming pools, jogging tracks, club houses and various others. While all these might now be essential but some of these do add up to making your life that extra bit comfortable.

Therefore we see that there are no fixed definitions of ideal homes but plenty of guiding principles that can help you arrive at an ideal home. By keeping in mind what we need and always staying within the budget we can afford – it is possible to find a home that’s best from both a lifestyle and financial perspective.

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