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Emerging Real Estate Trends in India

The Real Estate market in India has evolved in various ways over the last decade and a half. Right from the fundamental architecture to the way real estate is marketed– the entire spectrum of operations in the space has undergone a sea-change. From mere shelters, homes have evolved into spaces that define personality and lifestyle. Even the middle class has become ever aspirational and seeks luxurious homes.

As the society is also undergoing various societal change, our homes and living have kept pace with those changes. Families are increasingly becoming nuclear, and even smaller. There is a greater influx of migrant population as well as moving population. Homes is not just a luxury, but a necessity that blends into itself various attributes of luxury. From independent houses, homes are now more about creating communities that offer a specific level and taste of lifestyle.

The basic amenities that were largely overlooked in the past are now coming to the fore as the most important and vital components of buying a home because the strains of a hectic work life for both the spouses. This also makes it essential to find a home close to all the amenities you need.

In the not so recent past, there was a time when you hardly saw mass real estate marketing, and yet today we live in times where you cannot turn a corner of the street without bumping into some kind of real estate promotion. The internet has greatly changed the way we sell and buy homes. Making the consumer aware and bringing him more choices have made him/her more confident and powerful.

Models of the internet have evolved to the extent that even home-buying transactions are now easily and readily possible on the internet. People can and do begin their search online and it culminates with the purchase of a home with the credit card. The user-experience has been evolved and defined to that extend.

The internet has given the consumer a greater voice and social media has amplified the same. This allows even a single consumer to be heard by the real estate developers and brings focus to concerns of poor delivery, over promising and superficial marketing. Our past was defined by a subdued consumer, while our present by a more informed one, going by this trend the future is more likely to be defined by an increasingly vocal consumer.

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